The Guardian recommends The Bittersweet Life: Depression, opportunity and that life abroad – podcasts of the week 

Seattle Magazine recommends The Bittersweet Life: Love, Italian Style, in ‘Bittersweet Life’ Podcast

The Wall Street Journal Expat Blog highlights Episode 73: INVISIBLE which focuses on being an expat that can blend in with the locals.

The Wall Street Journal Expat Blog highlights Episode 72: ADDICT about the addictive side of expat life.

Host Katy Sewall’s BBC article “The Girl who gets Gifts from Birds.” (Listen to Episode 51: CROWS to hear more)

Katy Sewall interviewed by Public Radio’s The Takeaway about Episode 51: CROWS

The Bittersweet Life recommended by A Merry Feast: Food and Travel Stories

The Bittersweet Life recommended by Ciaone Italia

The Bittersweet Life recommended by Plansify’s Ultimate List of Podcasts for Travelers 

The Bittersweet Life named one of The Best Italy Podcasts by Girl in Florence.

My Ballard interviews host Katy Sewall, who was a long time Ballard, Seattle resident.

Katy Sewall’s guest post for “Italy Beyond the Obvious” which features the best places to relax in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome.  If you’re visiting Rome and plan to eat pizza, read this article.

Host Tiffany Parks explains how “The BitterSweet Life” podcast was born at her blog The Pines of Rome.

Author J.L. Spohr (Heirs & Spares) responds to the Assault episodes (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) in her article “Be Not Ashamed.”

In Defense of Self Promotion,” by GADGeTeCHNICA in response to Episode 60: SOCIAL.

Katy Sewall interviewed by the YesterdayUSA Network. Katy explores the differences between live radio and podcasting, the influence of the Golden Age of Radio on her and the media, and the many bloopers that happen in the radio industry.  Hosted by: Larry Gassman and Walden Hughes.


  • The BitterSweet Life is Super” according to Jess-On-Thames
  • The hosts of The BitterSweet Life “ALWAYS ask the questions that I want them to ask” says GADGeTeCHINA
  • I am adding this to my list of must-listens.” Girl in Florence 
  • “These two writers make superb radio. They’re intelligent, gently provocative, expressive and always interesting.” – Oriorda on iTunes
  • “This podcast is the one nearest and dearest to my heart.” – A Merry Feast

Review from book-plate:   “I am fascinated by the idea of home. Recently I found two women who love to talk about this as much as I do: Katy Sewall and Tiffany Parks, the hosts of the podcast The Bittersweet Life. Best friends from high school, Tiffany has lived in Rome for ten years, Katy recently quit her job and lived there for a year, and has since moved back home to Seattle. In their podcast they talk openly about the joys and challenges of the ex-pat life, with an intimacy that makes you feel like you’re sitting at the other side of the kitchen table. As I walk around my beloved neighbourhood, my for-now home, trying to soak up all it’s idiosyncrasies and thinking about the adventures that lie ahead, listening Katy and Tiffany makes me feel like I’m amongst friends – the kind of friends that will be there no matter where you find yourself in the future.” –  Kylie Maslen in Melbourne, Australia

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