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  1. II’m listening to all your podcasts and just now I am up to the MORNING show. I had to write and say that this is one of the best so far- a real sense of place, great sound work and above all, a relaxed, informative and friendly feel to your relationship. I’ve heard you both develop over the series and it’s impressive because of how natural it seems- even though I know there had to be some hard work behind it. I should know because I am a tv editor of documentaries for the BBC in Scotland so I recognise many of the skills of construction and narrative you employ. Good job, Katy. Anche sto imparando l’italiano da un anno, mi piace molto e quindi ho trovato il tuo scrigno del tesoro, Tiffany.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, much hard work. We’re so glad you’re enjoying it. Send us an email so we can write you properly!

    • such a fascinating show about the crows. thank you finding and sharing this story.
      In India crows are regarded vehicles through which ancestors can appear. When there is a ceremony after funeral food is set aside for a crow. In my childhood it used be a common sight to see people do crow calls in the morning and set aside a a ball of cooked rice in the garden for crows.

      • I will be doing a story about crow funerals in the coming months. I’ll be sure to let the BitterSweet Life listeners know. – Katy

  2. great crow show! I visit with a number of wild ravens which live a large park in Melbourne Australia and they are remarkable friends to get to know! :-)

  3. I recently saw the story of the crow who has been bringing you tokens of appreciation (I wouldn’t want to label the intentions of the bird since I don’t think I can really know), and I noticed that a large number of the items are small and have holes, so maybe you should think about making a necklace out of them! Tell me what you think. I really wish I could have an experience like this, the closest i’ve ever come to feeling a connection with a fully untamed animal was when an adolescent grey squirrel ran down his tree to the base, and slowly walked right up to me. It(I don’t know how to identify the gender of squirrels) allowed me to pet it briefly, so over the next few days I fed it little scraps whenever I walked by its tree. Tragically this tree is directly next to the dorm complex I live in, and I live on a college campus in a city, and for some reason or another the squirrels tree was marked to be removed and was cut down not a week after I first met the little squirrel.

  4. Just found you and sooooooo glad…I added you to blogs I follow and posted the Girl who gets gifts on my face book page…..looking forward to tracking back through your other podcasts. Hello!

  5. Also just discovered this podcast (through Gabi of the Crow Gifts’ Fame) —and cannot stop listening. So many great insights, even an unexpected great tour following in the Caravaggio’ s footsteps. Just Wonderful.

  6. Hi Katy and Tiffany,
    I’ve listened to the podcast since the beginning. I’m glad you’re continuing it. I’ve enjoyed them all, but really enjoyed the latter ones about what Katy is thinking about in terms of readjusting to life back in Seattle. Keep it up!

  7. So excited to find your show! I’ve been an expat for ten years this August and have soooo much to say about it.

    My early years as an expat were blogged at if you like such things.

    I find myself in an interesting situation now because I fought & fought & got really creative to finally secure the coveted Swiss C permit (like a Green Card, permanent residency) as a self-employed, not independently wealthy, single American woman… only now that I have it I find myself single in Zurich and facing a major illness. Do I really want to be sick alone in a foreign country? This is not how I envisioned my life. I don’t even know where I’d move if I went back to the US, though…

    I just listened to Repat, Part II with great interest & will check the rest out. Great stuff!

    Thank you,

  8. I seriously could not do my commute without your podcast. It gives me something to look forward to on the long drives. Your interactions with one another, your perspectives about the world, the people you interview, and the thoughts you share always give me things to think about and push me to learn more about this lifestyle. While a frequent traveler, I have never been an expat. You cover the topic well and make me dream about whether I ever will be. At the same time, your content still applies to me even though I’m not an expat. I learn something with each episode. Thank you for all you do!

  9. I’m an expat in Cape Town , South Africa . I’ve been here ten years; we moved ( from Seattle!) when I was 52, and I can say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. You might consider doing an episode about becoming an expat later in life; it’s a different experience in many ways.
    I was especially amused to hear you discuss aspects of Roman life that are similar to Capetonian life; the laid-back attitudes , the lawlessness, the lousy customer service. The beauty of the environment, and if that justifies the homesickness.
    I enjoy hearing your discussions and perceptions, but don’t so much enjoy the diversions into baby names, etc. Still, it’s pleasant sometimes to feel that I am listening in to a silly conversation between friends, sometimes your voices simply give me comfort.

  10. I love your podcast and listen religiously. Something I’m curious about is in regards to language and personal development. I’m wondering if speaking Italian makes Tiffany feel like a different person. Or if it brings out different aspects of her personality. Would love to hear more on this topic. Keep up the great work. U2 are both incredibly awesome!

    • Great idea, Beth. We will absolutely do this topic. I may try to find some others who speak other languages to weigh in as well. Brilliant. Keep those ideas coming! – Katy

  11. Enjoying a bit of a re-listen through the night.. From the young man from Afghanistan at the Bee Hive to your Motherly friend of 3 with a fourth on the way advising Tiffany on baby feeding and control.. I feel as though I have had a good long visit with you two. Thanks so much. Will email but want to thank you in every way possible for keeping on keeping on through your move Katie and your going back to work Tiffany… God Bless you both!
    BTW – I always find the Beehive interview a necessary loving challenge. Afghanistan is on my heart in many ways and this young man’s story is hard to listen to. When I turned you off and turned on my local PBS radio station Simple Gifts was playing. It is a gift to be simple, it is a gift to be free.

  12. Really enjoy your podcasts. I used to live in Italy (Milan) and now live in Asia. Would it be possible to put dates on the podcasts? I like to have a sense of when things happen.

    • Wonderful to hear from you. I will look into dating things. Thanks for the suggestion! Keep in touch.

  13. In your book and blogs, when things get too serious, you have an interesting way of defusing the situation or question with humor. I find it charming. Humor is a good way to shield ourselves and others from pain…and you use this diversion well. Looking into the past is certainly a melancholy practice but the present and future have equal claim on it as well. But then, If the choice is between melancholy and humor…I chose Mexican food.

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