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Sep 16, 2019

Today Katy recounts her relationship with a long-time listener, someone she never met but communicated with often, and how finding out about his death brought up unexpected emotions.

Digging back through his emails, she finds an invitation to cherish memories without bemoaning the passage of time—perhaps the exact...

Sep 12, 2019

In this week’s mini-episode, Tiffany takes you on a virtual tour of one of the most fascinating and little-known sites in Rome, which also happens to be one of the greatest optical illusions in the world.


ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over...

Sep 8, 2019

SEASON 7 is opening with an announcement from Katy. Another move is in store for her! In fact, part of this episode captures some of the highlights of her journey to her new home. Where will it be, you wonder? I guess you'll just have to listen to find out.



Sep 2, 2019

Every year on Labor Day, we take the day off to enjoy the fruits of our labors, and post one of our favorite episodes from the archives.

Today we take you back in time to the summer of 2014, on Katy's very last morning as an expat living in Rome. She and Tiffany spend 20 minutes in walking the streets of Trastevere...

Aug 29, 2019

On this mini-episode, Katy takes us back in time to the the Golden Age of radio, by re-broadcasting a piece she produced for the Radio Retrospective. In it, she looks at the way the news was manipulated and dramatized leading up to and during World War II, in segments that were aired at the cinema, right before the...